Get it square!

Get it square!

Thankfully, it has only been a few days since I was last in the shop. Today I continued to fit the rudder skeleton together with some drilling and cleko installation. Starting to ‘see’ the rudder now.

On the wing spar front, uploaded more information to the insurance company. Sure hope they decide to pay for the entire replacement cost because speaking with the spar builder and Team Rocket, the spars and center section are a matched set so buying one new spar is out. A repair of the damaged spar is beyond the skill level of most builders and their workshop, so that option is out.

More trial fitting of the rudder spar. Nearest the camera is the top of the rudder, with the forward section facing the floor.
Bring on the clamps! I heard that you can never have too many clamps. This would be the first time I have used all of my cleko clamps…off to Cleaveland Aircraft to order some more. This is the counterbalance section at the top of the rudder. Eventually, I will have to melt some lead to fit in here but not today.

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