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Another milestone

Another milestone

The second ‘completed’ part! While this part was simpler to build than the horizontal stab, it does feel like it went together faster. Hopefully, the pace of the build continues to pickup as May 5th will mark one year of construction and I had thought the entire empennage would have been completed by now.

Above, I HAD to take the obligatory first mockup picture of the build. It is somehow motivating to see a small piece of my airplane actually looking like an airplane. Obviously, the flight controls still need to be built (rudder and elevators) and the fiberglass end caps must be installed but progress is being made!

In other news, I have a tracking number for the previously mentioned wing spars. Gotta find a place to store a 10ft anodized spar soon! Also this week, I was able to sort out which wing ribs I needed to keep and then sent back the extras to Vince.

Smile times two
On the right side I used my new soldering iron to remove the blue film…will see if I continue this process
All done!