Back in the shop!

Back in the shop!

I have been away from of the shop too long…between summer fun, home-owner-to-do-list items and that work thing, my shop time has suffered. Hopefully, I will get more time to work on the Rocket in the near future. Hopefully.

Trial fitting of the rudder forward spar. Also, stay hydrated!! #Bubly (Pay no attention to the coffee mug)

Blue Sharpie, I had no idea you would be so critical in the construction of the Rocket

I should remember to post a picture of my dry erase board as it makes it incredibly easy to make notes to myself so when there is a break in the construction, I can quickly pickup where I left off thanks to the reminders left on the board. Van’ has been an excellent source of tips and hints. COVID has made in person assistance a little tough but the internet is chocked full of information.

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