Wing Spar arrival…not a happy day for me!

Wing Spar arrival…not a happy day for me!

Crate is obviously gapping open with the sides split.
Rough handling on this end too!
What happened here?!? Some SERIOUS impact damage in the middle of the crate. Now I am really worried about the contents….
Here is the impact point on the right spar, directly under the crate damage shown above. OUCH!
Here is the impact damage from another angle.
Here are the undamaged spars at Phlogiston, waiting to be shipped. Sure wish the shipping company valued my wing spars as much as I do.

Thankfully, it was recommended that I add supplemental insurance to cover the uniqueness of prebuilt, anodized wing spars from Pholgiston in Oregon. Extremely glad I took that advice! Now I have to wait for the ruling on my claim before I can order replacement parts as they are quite expensive (and I have taken a lot of time off of work recently). The estimate is that it will take several months to receive the insurance payout. Thankfully, the rudder and elevators still need to be built so hopefully this issue will not actually delay my build but what a headache!

One lesson already learned is that I need to find a friend with a business that has a loading dock. The prevailing thought is that the damage occurred after the transcontinental shipping company transferred the crate to a local, residential delivery contractor. I have some nice video from my security cameras showing one gentleman, delivering the spars. The crate was over 10 feet long and about 160lbs! Too large and awkward for just one person to deliver without a high probability of damaging the contents.

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